Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back :S

I don't know why I have said in the previous post "brb"!
I'm back now, it hasn't taken so much!

Actually my mother in law has passed away after two days of my wedding!
It was a shock! Although she was fighting cancer at the ICU during her last days.

Allah has chosen the best for her, & for us! Maybe it's not clear at the moment how it is the best! But days will show us! I hope this has made me a better wife! I've standed by my husband from the first days of our life together!

This is life, you can't get everything forever, & whatever you plan, it's not necessary to be applied successfully!

Mhmdy is getting better by days, I'm sure he'll be the strongest in order to help his sister & brother whom they live here.

We've canceled the honeymoon! & shortened our vacation! Inshalla Allah will give us something better soon!

I really loved my mother in law, I can't get that she'll not be a part of our coming life!


MQabbani said...

ِAllah yer7amha , this is a sad news :( ,

yallah Allah be3awdek , i guess ur man will be proud of u ,and this is a very good credit for u give him support in such hard wade3...

:) your doing good , this is the life , sho bedna na3mel ,

yalla take care of ur self and you husband .. o 2nshallah things will be fine soon o back to normal .. just time all it need time

rare said...

ur right mqabbani! Now I've stand by Mhmdy n his good & bad times :) I've done them both in my first days :)
Hamdolela on everything ...

rare said...
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dmasri_16@hotmail.com said...

allah yr7amha... may god bless her soul..
w ni3ma al zawjat :)
takare cuz

rare said...

10x Dulos, welcome here :)