Monday, August 13, 2007

My Day

So! It’s tomorrow!
Can't believe it! Can't feel it!
Tomorrow is my wedding day! It's not my friend's, it's not my cousin's! It's MINE!
I don't know why I can't get it!

I'm feeling it is Eid day, maybe because I go shopping all the time!
I'm feeling it is a party that I should attend, maybe because I've got a dress!
Anyway I'm sure I'll get it when I hear the cars noises getting closer & closer!

As for that long list, you can say it is almost done; still there are many other luxuries things that I wish to have, but neither time nor money serve it!

I should go now; our home is full with my aunts & uncles who came from Palestine, to be near me in my day as they say! Again it's my day! MY DAY rare, can u get it!
Brb; about two weeks : )

Pleas give me prayers ….


Diana Abu Ghoush said...

Congratulaions , 1000 mabrook in advance,, i can't beleive it also ;) ,,, but enshallah i 'll be there with you , next to you ,, you are my best friend ,,wish you all the best.

you will be a great bride .

all the best

MQabbani said...

Alf Alf Mabrook :)

wish u nice great full happy days :)

full of smiles and great moment

kinzi said...

Congrats!!! May it be a beautiful one!

Rami said...

waiting for your return to the office :P

Maro said...

Congrats rare:)
waitin for u at the office....
Alf alf mabrouk :)

Aya Almusa said...


Osaid Rasheed said...


rare said...

Thanks Diana, mqabbani, Kinzi, Rami, maro, Aya, & Osaid.
w 3oqbal el 3azabeye ...