Sunday, July 17, 2011

We’re Blessed

It’s been a year since we’ve known that there is a tumor in Mariamty head, I’ll never forget that day, when we were shocked!

It was really long day! Started early morning, when Mariamty has fasted, in order to get anesthetized for the MRI, ended facing so many facts, first that there is something in her head! Second that this thing a big tumor! Then that her case is really hard and dangerous, and finally that the only solution is a very critical operation with minimum rate of success.
We kept running all day! Meeting doctors to know what’s up! or at least let them explain the MRI report, then a miracle happens at the end of day; getting the change to meet a very busy famous Doctor in that same long day!

Although I was in a deep sorrow, but I felt blessed! That Allah has given us a solution in that same day! And Allah allowed us to meet the one who’ll help us out of this.


UmmOmar said...

الله يرحمها ويحسن إليها

وشي حلو إنه من بين كل هالإسى اللي إنتي فيه
تلاقي حالك عم تتعرفي ع معجزات أو حتى إشي كويس صاير معكم

الله إيصبرك يارب

lolo said...

ya 7abibti ya rare,, Allah yer7mha mrioome aked heye hal2 be makan a7sn, waiting for u to join her inshalla rbna byjm3ko fel janne..
w zay ma 2alat ur aunt, el saber rbna by3te lal 3abd as a reward and i believe that u're rewarded.. rabna ydemo 3alike w ye3awedko kol 5er (f)

yosef said...

مساء الخير

رحمة الله عليها
انا كل ما أقرأ لكِ وانتِ تكتبين عنها تزداد قناعاتي بايمانك القوي وقدرتك على الصبر والتحمل

ربنا يكون معك دائما
دمتِ بخير

naysan said...

الله يرحمها
you are blessed,indeed.

rare said...

@ UmmOmar هلا إم عمر، والواحد لازم ما يكون لا جاحد والى أعمى، عشان هيك نحاول نحس و بالنعم ... شكرا

@ Yosef مساء النور، والله الصبر من عند الله، الله يديمو عليبنا، و إنت كمان ماشاءالله نعم الصابر ... الله يقويك

@ lolo aked she's in better place, i'm longing for that day when we meet, ran, and hug ...

@ naysan thanks a lot

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Rain said...

الله يرحمها،انشالله بالجنة ملتقاكم

rare said...

Thanks Rain ... ameen

rare said...

@ NCIS dvds for sale : thanks :)