Thursday, July 07, 2011

Latest Trends of Business Projects in Jordan

In my humble opinion, latest worn projects in Jordan are:
1) Review websites for restaurants
We’ve got three local sites

2) Electronics shop
We’ve started with Smart Buy, and now we’ve got more, and still more to come

  • E-Mart


  • Electronic City

If you’re thinking of you having your own business, please enough of these :) and try to initiate and innovate


lolo said...

walla ya rare shklek darse el so2 ;)
and dayman am sure u have amazing ideas بيت السبع ما بيخلى
yalla a3tena shwyt ideas for new business

Claire said...

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rare said...

@lolo :) lol 4darse e so2 ... ah ... i wish i hav such new ideas to start our own stuff ...

@ Claire, u r welcome :) 10x

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