Sunday, February 06, 2011

Finally Youth Did It

Finally, youth has proofed that they shouldn’t be considered silly, helpless, powerless, & without goals.

During the last 28 years I lived :) I used to hear these sentences:

  • Terrible youth شباب صايعين
  • They won’t ever do something good عمره ما حيطلع منه إشي
  • They imitate without thinking بس بقلد بدون ما يفكر
  • Worthless and nugatory عطّال بطّال
  • When we were younger we did so … & so … & so وإحنا قدك كنا ... و كنا... وكنا
  • Quds will never set free by them قال بدها تتحرر القدس ... كيف والشباب هيك
  • ... etc

Youth were able, for the first time lets say, to speak loudly fearing nobody. And they were creative in this; simple person has said what he feels loudly and straightforward, those who write has expressed their thoughts in all available ways, whether internet was there or not, even those who sing has relief their feelings spontaneously in amazing techniques.

They’ve turned their words into actions, even though they used to spend long times in cafes or doing nothing, but when they were needed, they didn’t fed up, give up, felt tired, or missed their times setting in the café doing nothing.

Maybe they are still imitating wrong or unsuitable things from west, but some of them are coping useful things, or reproducing what can’t be duplicated.

Arabs woke up from their endless sleep, and we’ll never hear that sentence again; “Arabs are in a deep sleep” or “When will Arabs wake up”. We might sleep again, but we’ll be dreaming of something else, another hope, a new goal, & further wishes. Tunisian and Egyptians inshalla will accomplish the impossible mission, which all generations have dreamt of.

Parents and grandparents role can’t be denied for sure, they’ve got the largest part in all of this, by their raising, their experience, and their individual sharing.

Finally, we’ll have a nice history to tell our children, filled with dignity, honor, & glory.

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