Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Seems Far Away ...

Inshalla inshalla inshalla it seems far away!
Yesterday also I’ve seen a cute baby we used to meet him when we sleep at KHCC, he’s older now; 6 months old! He’s has transferred to Palliative Care, too. He was tired, he was born blind, along with chemo cycles, tumor size has increased which has affected lots of nerves;
he won’t walk,
he can’t concentrate,
he faces difficulty in swallowing,
he might have hearing loss,
in addition of pain,
and spasms every while and then.

I was speechless while his mother is telling me this, I felt that I’m spoiled and doesn’t appreciate what I have!

We should always meet people who are worse case than ours, in order to gain satisfaction and then happiness.


Sh@100 said...

I can't agree more... Allah yshafeena jamee3an.

rare said...

amen ya rb