Friday, December 31, 2010


I do feel, and think, that a year carries similar stories for you!

I remembered how year 2007 was a Farewell year.

About 2010, it deserves to be called “Cancer Year”:

  • Mariamty, my girl, has got ATRT in her head

  • My aunt has got breast cancer, she’s done three surgeries, and with everyone she did they told her “oops, we should have removed more!”, Hamdolela that the last surgery was a successful one

  • My cousin’s husband got a cancer

  • A 3 years old girl, from the expanded family, has got cancer in her both eyes

I think that’s enough for listing! I wish all cancer patients will cure, and they won’t see it again in their whole life.


Hana said...

and i knew 2 women who have cancer the last year 2010
allah yshfehom kolhom

rare said...

seems true!
I can list more, but i'v chosen th closer ones!
Alla yshfehom kolhom