Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Oops its a new year!
I totally forgot! Cos days run in a way you can't keep tracking the date!
I wonder how these 12 months will end! Will I accomplish all my goals of this year!

About 2007, it deserves to be called "Farewell year";

  • Grandfather, mother in low, greataunt have passed away!
  • Nura & Batool - my best friends - are abroad now, and will stay there for more than a year!
  • I have left my home, my room, & my family to share my life with my best half!
  • Lots of people with footprints in my life have moved away from here!
I've only seen 2007 from that point of view, I'm sure it was full of treasured moments & once in a lifetime events.

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