Saturday, November 20, 2010

We'll Miss you Grandma

So sad to see you leaving our world, our city, our homes, our family, & us. Inshalla you'll be in a better place, & with those you love.

So bad we need you in our times, our days, our gatherings, our outings, our lunches, & here. Inshalla we'll all meet in paradise, and stay there forever.

So mad you won't be in our tradition, our habits, our reality, our present, our future, & now. Your presence is precious and irreplaceable; I wonder how it'll all be without you.

So glade you were part of our childhood, our memories, our years, our life, & me. Can't stop remembering how you used to add joy and fun to our living.

Grandma we'll miss your caring eyes, your only perfume, your talks, your stories, your jokes, your company, your smile, we'll miss you around.

Life gonna change after you have passed away! Your home gonna be empty! Our day gonna be bare! We'll miss you being in today & tomorrow.

يا رب تشتي... وأروح عند ستي
تعملي فطير ... قد الحصير
أكلها و أنام ... و صبح جوعان

ما عاد في ستي، و شكلها ما حتشتي



LioneSS said...

May her soul rest in peace :( May Allah gather her with her beloved in paradise

Susu said...

Allah ye7amha w ysaberkum! The song is so touching. May Allah bless your loved ones.

mood said...

الله يرحمها ويغفر الها

هذه ايام فضيلة وربنا يتقبلها بالصالحين

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

rare said...

ameen ... thanks all