Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Shopping @ Nafaq

When you live stay at KHCC (King Hussein Cancer Center) for long time, actions that make you happy or let’s say change your mood have got a different meaning!

These make me happy there:

  • When Doctor tells us: you can go home

  • When Mariamty is playing

  • Lunch or dinner arrives and it’s delicious

  • Chatting with talkative children

  • Having our bed near the window

  • Shopping at "Nafaq" *

* Shopping at "Nafaq" (Pedestrian tunnel) which is near KHCC is like shopping at Wakalat Street :)

Women at KHCC made me excited about it! They’ve bought everything from there; kettle, candies, sandwiches, slippers, & hot drinks. They talk about it as if they are talking about a mall, and so as soon as I got the chance to go there I did. It was crowded, shops were too stacked, all you need was in one place. Awesome!

Although it’s a silly outing, but I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s the only outlet patient’s mothers have got.

Here’s a picture of it


LioneSS said...

وااو :D
شو حلو انا مرة وحدة مشيت فيه هالنفق و كان فاضي
بصراحة هيك كتير احلى
صاير زي كأنه بازار و كله حياة

بصراحة انا بحب هالاشياء

marwa joe said...

انا بسميه النفق مول :)
كل ما يحتاجه الطالب و زيادة ..
صراحة لاحظت اشي مميز فيه انو فيه شالات قطن من كل درجات الألوان مستحيل تلاقيها في اي مكان !!
welcome to jordan LOOOOOOL

rare said...

LioneSs ... u should visit it then :) so crowded with goods and ppl ..
Marwa Joe: تسمية مناسبة :) شكرا على المعلومة، طب شفتي نافورة تمر هندي :)

mood said...

كل عام وانتي بألف خير
ومريم الجميلة بصحة وعافيه

دمتم بفرح