Monday, October 11, 2010

New Ad of JRTV

When I first watched it I thought it’s an ad about private school, or dairy products, then it turned to be about Jordan TV channel. I felt so because it doesn’t match us (Jordan and Jordanians).

First, a girl wearing a short dress walking by the sea; I pet if you went to our public beaches would you see such a girl!

Then, tidy students appear singing; come on our public uniform is not that modern! It’s blue, green, or beige, ok Ministry of Education is discussing to change it! But this will need years to be into action.

Finally, a mom holding a blond baby! Is the majority of our society blond?

That ad could be to a private channel but not to our channel. It could be more Jordanian; by adding the scent of Jordan, familiar scenes, & some tiny details that make us special!

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