Friday, October 01, 2010

After Mariamty's Surgery

Part of my dairies during the week of Mariamty’s surgery:

  • 25/7/2010:
    During the surgery: “We haven’t been apart for that long! 9 hours praying to see you alive.”

    After the surgery: “Hamdolela you are alive! You had a craniotomy today. They’ve removed the tumor; your surgery was 9 hours long! With 20% to success! I can’t believe we’re done! Welcome back my sweetheart! Can’t hold your tight, you are in a web of wires!”

  • 26/7/2010:
    I slept at home without you!
    “Morning without you around is as morning without sunrise! My mind slept near you, and I slept out of tired.”

  • 29/7/2010:
    “Well, it’s not the smile which I want, but I’m glad to see it”

    “We already knew that it’s a cancer, but today it was certain, and it’s not of any kind! You’ve got a high mark in it! You like to be on top of everything! Grade 4 and it’s the most aggressive kind; ATRT. Now lets focus on you! You should play back & we should hear your laugh.”

  • 30/7/2010:
    “I want it too; your special hug for Hamdoudeh”
    Hamoudeh, my brother, is the only one who gets a welcome hug from Mariam once they meet!

  • 31/7/2010:
    “Thankful to Allah, you are back to food and toys”


Susu said...

7amdellah 3ala salmetha! I hope she is doing well now. It seems that those are old updates from July, but I hope all is well with you and her!

rare said...

Alla yslmek, may Allah bless ur kids, w hamdolela 3ala salamtek.

Hamdolela, we r fine now, yes those were old posts but just now i'v got th time to publish :)

Whisper said...

الف ا لحمد لله على سلامتها وان شاء الله ربنا يشافيها ويعافيها و يطمن قلبكم و قلبنا عليها