Friday, August 08, 2008


Best ice cream in Syria, and Arab world!

It became a trademark; people use the word Bakdash to refer to white/Arabic ice cream.

It's delicious as the picture shows; I like how Bakdash is engraved in the Syrian way of life, it's a Syrian tale that will never end.

Bakdash is engraved on the spoon :) I liked this


Qabbani said...

Am Syrian from Damas , and telling you that Bakdash WAS the best like 7-8 year's ago :) but now it is not he's go commercial and not care of the quality as he used too

now its just for tourist , and ppl who walk in Hamadyeh market and feel hot :)

there is many better than Bakdash ..

like Abu al Aezz restaurant or Abu kamal , that all who visit Syria go there and say its the best :)

its just names, foreign ppl think its the best :)

but it is not ...

next time you want to go there let me know i will send u list with names of places it is FROM the best in Damas -Syria

rare said...

thanks for telling me, still it tasts delicious although the quality and the place is not a 5 starts thing.

As for Abu Kamal, i went there once, i like it.

Inshalla i will ask for the list, as i always wanted someone to tell me about best places to go to, instead of trying them and facing bad experince :)

Heryanti AbdulWahid said...

Salam, from the southeast of Asia

I'm from Singapore and was googling the web for bakdash and stumbled upon your blog. Delicious looking picture indeed. I can't wait to be in Dimashq soon, inshaAllah :)

Hope it still tastes good then :)

rare said...

Thanks Heryanti, I'm sure you'll enjoy it to the max there :)

Have fun

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