Sunday, August 03, 2008

2 BBQs

Although it was 35°C, but I didn’t feel the hot weather, wind was blowing every now and then.

I had two BBQ lunches that Friday 1/8/2008, one with my better half family as Aqeeqah – sacrifice for a new born baby – Rayan. The second one with my entire dad’s family. I wonder what I will do this Friday; things come together, while other days you don’t have anything to do.

I’ve taken a picture of a nice flower! Guess what it is?!

Can you believe it is Bamyeh – Okra!

When the second lunch came to an end, my better half has joined us, I was happy; it’s been a while since we have both shared such gathering. We’ve played Tarneeb – Tricks, we won although it was my first time to try it.

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