Monday, April 09, 2007

Short Stories of Ghassan Kanafani

Recently I have finished all short stories written by Ghassan Kanafani, the Palestinian writer who was assassinated by Mossad.

All his short stories are really great, especially those which shed your tears at the end, here are my favorites:-

  • Al Rajol Alathe Lam Yamot (The Man Who Didn’t Died)
  • Aktaf Al Akhareen (Others’ Shoulders)
  • Al Selaah Al Moharaam (Illicit Weapons )
  • Thalath Awraq mn Felsten (Three Letters from Palestine)
  • Waraqa mn Al Ramleh ( Letter from Ramleh)

  • Waraqa mn al Teera ( Letter from Teera)

  • Waraqa mn Gaza ( Letter from Gaza); my favorite among letters
  • Law Kont Hesanan (If you were a horse)
  • Ard Burtuqal Al Hazin (The Land of Sad Oranges)
  • Ela An Naoood (Until We Return)
  • Qarar Mowjaz (Brief Decision)

Action Items:
Buy Novels of Ghassan Kanafani & read them!


MQabbani said...

Good Luck :)

rare said...

10x, u should read at least one for Ghassan Kanafani

Anonymous said...

hi...i've translated kanafani's short story into bahasa indonesia. check this out

Anonymous said...

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