Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've Found My Better Half

Tom! Yes tom! It’s gonna be a very long day! & it should be a day that I'll never forget!

Between "I’ll miss you more being with me in that day", that day is tom!

It’ll be the day when I’m announced to be plighted! In both meanings :) actually it’s not an easy thing;

I’ll sign on a totally new life,
I’ll sign on leaving my home and my life,
I'll sign on getting new home and new life,
I’ll sign on sharing,
I’ll sign on new responsibilities,
I’ll sign on being mature,
I’ll sign on being a wife, wow big word!
I’ll sign on having my own family!
I'll sign on standing by my better half through good times and hard times
... etc

And then I'll stop using my mind, & let my heart starts beating!

Please give me a prayer!

I think I should get cracking, I have loads to do.


MQabbani said...

:) wish u Alla luck :)

Maro said...

Well I would like to say 2lah ywaf2ek.
You deserve the best:)

rare said...

mqabbani & maro:
thanks :) 3oqbalkom!

rare said...

mqabbani & maro:
thanks :) 3oqbalkom!