Sunday, September 17, 2006

Palestinian Dispersion in Another Way

I just wanted to share the – whole day – family gathering; traveling, eating, walking, shopping, & having fun! But isreal won’t let it go!

When you cross the isreal bridge – as called JESER YAHOOD; the number of your bag is stuck as a label on the back of your passport, I usually take the sticker of, but in my last visit, it was really sticky that it needs so many liquids to remove it, so I postponed it for later on, till I forgot.

ELMOHEM cos of the remaining sticker on my passport I was forbidden to enter Syria! & so I went back to Amman, after I have prepared my mood for the trip. All the family has crossed the boarders, my sis & I went home!

That didn’t spoil my day, I had my plans, and I’ve got new friends :) I’ve won them from the book exhibition – yesterday was its last day. Any way all I wanted was to spend the whole day with my family, as I rarely have the chance of doing that.

Again Palestinian dispersion in another way!


Anonymous said...
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wedad said...

ya i know this problem!! my mam changed her passport and renew it coz of this issue!!

rare said...

really, so i'll b forbidden forever from entering Syria!