Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Teams

Watching the World Cup, I started to compare the teams’ situation, to the software project team that I am working with. All teams are the same! Here are some of the similar situations.
A player might be entered in the middle of the game, and so does a new team member who might join the project after it has started. In both situations the new member should be ready to be in the mood, by giving attention to the whole game as a football player, or by reading and knowing what the project is all about as a software project member.
A player might leave the game in any time either by red card, or by the coach request. So does a member in a software project; a member might leave whether by himself or herself, or by the project manager decision. In both situations the other team members should be able to cope with this change, it might cause modifications on the plan, and members might change some roles or hold more responsibilities. On the other hand, the leaving member should not cause any noise while leaving.
The playing tactic might change through the match. Also in a software project the overall plan might be changed 180 degree. The manager and the coach are seeing things clearer than the team members. Changing the plan is not easy and it is risky, but for sure the boss doesn't take that decision unless it is needed.
Injuries might occur in a critical time of the match. Also a certain circumstance might occur for a team member. Coach should be able to handle that, and keep the whole team calm, there should be an alternative plan for such cases. As well the manager should be able to manage with the new state, and the whole team should shift to plan B.
Playing alone with the ball excluding the whole football team is a big mistake. Players should do their roles, keeping the sharing sprit and the team work. Each member in the software project has his or her own role, team should be cooperative.
Losing a game is not a one’s fault; it is the fault of the whole team. As for a software project, late and poor delivery of the product should not be thrown upon a developer or a quality engineer, the whole team is blamed.
And the list goes on with situations that are the similar in a football team or a software project team. Out project's deadline is close, and so is the final World Cup match. So good luck for both.

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