Sunday, June 25, 2006

American Embassy Fault

Who live in Amman - Jordan, knows that in the American Embassy Street, it’s nearby side is closed – so no cars can pass it - & the other side has two opposite lanes!
My younger brother doesn’t!
When he was walking there, the traffic light was red & the cars were stopped, so he crossed that side, without noticing that the lane might have a car from the other direction, a pickup has run over him! His leg has been broken!
When you ask my brother how the accident occurred, he’ll begin his answer by “it’s the American Embassy fault!” :)
Poor brother, he’ll live his summer vacation with the plaster all over his thigh & leg.


GWA said...

well i agree it's their fault shoo 3a ras-hom deek ysakru il share3 3ashanhom??

rare said...

thanks :)
hssss, blash ysm3o sho bn7ke ;)
mo 3ala rasHom deek, el 3lam kolo b jebetHom ;)

Jano said...

il 7amdellah 3al salameh :)

Rami said...

i wonder if the american embassy pays the jordanian government the price of renting that road? they use it as a parking lot

rare said...

I think Jordan is paying the american embassy!!!