Sunday, August 28, 2005

Back from Nablus

I’m back from Nablus –in Palestine. I have enjoyed my time there that I wanted to stay another week, but the duty calls.

I have reached Nablus on Thursday August 18, 2005 @ 2:30 pm, I wasn’t feeling tired but the weather was too hot & muggy.& I have reached Amman on Saturday August 27, 2005 @ 2:30 pm - what an accident :) , I was lucked out in returning home!I woke up @ 5:15 am, dad & my cousin drove me to the bus station in Nablus, the bus moved @ 6:30 to Hhowara (7owara) Barrier*, there was a long line of vehicles infront of us, when it was our turn, israeli soldiers started to search our luggage. For our bad luck when searching the first bag they have found posters for Palestinian martyrs & fedayee, so they have stopped the owner of this bag – who was a young girl - they have mess up all her bag then investigated her. After that they moved to search another bag, they found a book about fedayee’s biography, also the owner of this bag was young girl, they investigated her, too. So it took us long time to pass Hhowara Barrier.

Next, we reached Zaatara Barrier (Zaatraa = thyme) @ 9 am, there was a longer line of vehicles than Hhowara, & the cars weren’t moving! There was a car accident in the front so we have to wait hour and half to cross it, by this time there was a fat chance for us to catch the last bus in Arehha – Jericho - Bus Station. Thanks for the bus driver who has called the crossing point in Hussein Bridge and asked them to delay the last bus until we arrive there, & thanks a lot for his favor with me ;) that I can’t mentioned it now.

Finally, I would like to add that it wasn’t our bad luck, it was the israeli soldiers despotism.

A HUGE thanks for all my relatives in Nablus cos they have done their best to enjoy my stay, special thanks to:-
  • Aya: for accepting, my bag, any my mess in your room
  • Mahmood: for your cool drives
  • Aunt Najwa: for guesting me, and helping me get away of some situations ;)
  • Uncle Omar: for treating me as his daughter
  • Ghadeer the bride: for concerning me
  • All: for everything

I wish to see you all on 10th September this year – to attend my cousin wedding, I’ll try my best to come; a discussion battle with dad will be held this evening :)

*Barrier : it’s a check point done by israelis distributed around the cities and towns; to prevent people from moving freely in their lands


yamama said...

i love your blog...
i like the way you talked about ur daugter maryam About ur grandfather, about palsetine and finally about your travel to nablus...:)
go ahead ..nice blog

rare said...

thanx alot, nice 2 c u here, am discovering urs now, it looks gr8.

welcome here