Monday, November 14, 2011

After 9 Months We've Met

Can’t describe how much I feel happy today, finally we have met after 9 months!

One day they told me that you won’t dream with a dead person until you stop crying and feeling sad about it, on that day, I kept telling myself foolish words such as: “Yay Mariamty is not with me”& “Nanananana I’ll not see Mariamty again”& such … I was duping myself! And it didn’t work!

But yesterday, I remembered how much I was happy during Mariamty illness, and I used to tell people around: that those days are the best I lived, even the nights we spent at KHCC, I was feeling super, peaceful, & glad. Thus I’ve convinced myself that I should be so NOW! What’s up with me! My child is in heaven, at least I granted a child there! She’s feeling happy there, why she needs to be here! There is really better for her … etc of these thoughts, and it was my first time I don’t give a tear or feel that sorrow in my heart when remembering our last hug!

I woke up one hour earlier today, I met Mariamty in my dream, it was a nice dream, she walked towards me, I kissed her, & hold her ... I’ve really missed her … Hamdolela that finally Mariamty visited me, I’ll be waiting her every night


LioneSS said...

Happy for you :) And yes sure mariam is so happy there in heaven and you are so lucky to have a child there :)

May Allah bless you and your family and fill your life with lots of happiness :)

UmmOmar said...

مابتعرفي قديش إنبسطت ع هاد البوست
ع الأفكار الإيجابيه الحلوه اللي لقيتها
وع صبرك وإيمانك كله هاد

الله يبسطك كمان وكمان
ويقيمك بالسلامه يارب

rare said...

@LioneSS Hamdolela :) May Alla bless ur family, too

@UmmOmar شكرا كتيييير والله من الله :) الله يقوينا كمان و كمان

نيسان said...

what a nice dream!!!
to kiss and hold her is fulfilling, ,even if it was a dream.

my dreams about my children are usually nightmares, that my boys are lost or my little girl is being harmed and such bad things.

Mariam is safe in heaven where no one can hurt her.

bless you rare,

yosef said...

الحمد والشكر لله
من نعم الله ان تأتيكِ بالمنام وهيّ سعيدة وتسعدك
الله يرضى عليكِ ويسعدك

Dawn said...

كأنك أودعتيها بين ايدين الرحمن
و ربنا وهبك التسليم بأمره
و ان شاء الله بتزورك بمنامك كل ما تحتاجي تشوفيها
رح اعيد اللي حكيته من قبل
ما أظن مرق علي شخص بمتل صبرك و قوتك
الله يحميكي ويحمي عيلتك الصغيرة

rare said...

@ نيسان lol ... da7ktene ... :) Alla y5lelek eyahom w y7melek eyahom :)

@ Yusef
شكرا كتير

@ Dawn
شكرا ع حكي الحللو، و ماشاءالله عليكي أصبر مني بكتير ... الله يخليليك الفرسان