Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cancer in My Little Girl

From now on, I think my blog will be concentrated on a new subject, I’m afraid all my talks will be about the new turn point in my life, but it’s useful to share such an experience.

Cancer has attacked my little girl! Actually it’s not an attack! She’s got it since she was in my tummy, but hasn’t been discovered until lately! It’s all started as a joke! Whenever Mariamty wants to cry or laugh she looks like giving a wink, we kept laughing whenever she does so, then we discovered that it’s not intended, we went to her Dr. and got our first shock, that she’s got a Left Facial Palsy, we gave her medication but without any improvement, then she began to tend her neck, again we thought it’s another joke from her and with hesitation we told the Dr about it, and so he asked for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) where we have found out a tumor in her head!

A very accurate long surgery has clarified that this tumor is malignant. We’ve done two cycles of chemo, and three more left.

Days are extensive enough to make me feel as if a year has passed. I would like to shift to 2011; when I will be with my little girl walking by the trees, and smiling to the camera, with nothing in my mind.


Bilalٍ said...

Allah yeshfeeha. Inshalla she will recover soon and u will c her running by the trees:)

LioneSS said...

I am really sorry for your sweet daughter, May Allah bless her and hope she will get better soon.

Keep praying for her and I'll do as well. I feel with you because my sister got cancer last year so I know how hard is your feeling right now.

Keep the faith and believe on Allah and Allah will be always with You.

Please keep updating your blog and I’ll be waiting for the good news soon.

Qwaider قويدر said...

May Allah bless her with health and you with patience and strength

Salamet-ha inshallah

Um Omar said...

اسئل الله العظيم رب العرش العظيم ان يشفيها
يارب,, يارب

kinzi said...

Dear one, my heart goes out to you and your precious daughter. I am so sorry for this sorrow and painful experience.

I am glad you are blogging about it, it helped me through my own cancer journey two years ago.

May God heal her, and bring her to full recovery that she may glorify Him in a long, well-lived life.

rare said...

Bilal, amen, w inshalla ma btshof shar.
LioneSs, thanks alot, may Alla bless ur sister as well.
Qwaider, amen, may Allah bless ur family & ur daughter.
Um Omar, ya rab,Alla ykhalilk Omar el amor.
Kinzi, thanks alot, hamdolela 3ala lsamtk, i was really hesitated to spell a word about then, but i did th first blog, inshalla i'll keep on. I'm glad with ur blog and experience.

Saleh said...

I couldn't stop a tear drop coming from my eye while reading this story. I hope she will get better soon. May Allah bless and help her and you and have her recovered soon with the sweet smile you like.

Please keep your hope that Allah will cure her. Pass this hope to her and to everybody in the family and with hope and faith in Almighty miracles can happen.

Rasha said...

May allah grant her healing and full recovery and grant you strength and peace of heart.
alby m3aki...and my prayers, sincerely!

Tariq said...

God willing, She will do all of that and much more and you will see her grow as other kids insha Allah.

Be patient and I ask Allah to give you and Mohammad the power to continue with her until you defeat it.

Ala'a said...

7abibti rawan... may Allah bless you and your family and give you the power to pass this period.
Inshalla bt3addy w btshofe mrioom a7sn men abel ya rabb w yej3alha qorret 3ayin elko...

marwa joe said...

alla yshfeeha o ya3afeeha :)
بإذن الله كله اجر .. كلكم مأجورون ..
الله يحميها و يخفف عنها و عنك و يشفي كل مرضى المسلمين ..
الصبر الصبر الصبر و ما تنسي حمد الله على كل حال

nouran said...

rawan! what a touching blog and a sweet picture.. i kept staring at it for soooo long..

dont worry dear too much.. kollo min rabna mnee7 il7amdillah.. i have been through a similar experience with m7ammad and it is not easy at all.. i have been praying secretly for you and marioom since the first time i knew, sometime before ramadan.. i want to call you but i just dont know what to say to you.

i love you rawan.. and mariam is in my prayers everyday.. wallahi.. keep your faith.. bokra bitmor il ayyam o bitseer zikrayat.. allah yishfeeha o y3afeeha... o soon tshoofeeha better and back to normal.

love you..

rare said...

Saleh: thanks a lot, inshalla I'll pass the hope to her and my family, I didn't think abt this before. May Allah bless ur life, & inshalla it will be ful of happiness.

Rasha: Amen, & Allah bless ur kids. thanks.

Tariq&Alaa: thaaanks so much, inshalla ma betshofo shar. kisses to Zoz.

Marwa: hamdolela on everything, Alla yqawena, w ysaberna ... thanks a lot.

Nouran: miss u, & luv u too.
as 4 th pic, I really enjoy kissing her head, so soft :)
Inshalla Alah will answer ur prayers since they were secretly ... thanks alot, Allah bless ur Mhmd & ur cute kids. waiting those moments to turn to memories ... take care.

Eman Hylooz said...

I read this yesterday, and I kept speechless till now... At first I had a devil thought... that this is unfair, you're one of the most wonderful and most dedicated people I have ever met... and then I knew what I was thinking is wrong, because God "Bye5teber" his beloved creatures... and God definitely loves you and knows that you will be patient and strong enough to go through this while having all the faith in the world inside your heart.

I love you Rawan, and I'll pray for your little Mariam everyday... I'll be waiting to see your picture with her while walking by the trees :)

God bless you...

rare said...

Eman, hamdolela 4 everyth.↲I used always to think that Allah doesn't love me much,but now,hamdolela i feel it...↲inshalla we wil pass this as Alla wants...↲May Alla bless u Eman,miss u...