Sunday, December 20, 2009

Instead of Me

My 27th birthday had a new sense; it has never been so in the past years! On 19/12/2009 I was backward in time when I gave birth to Mariam, followed by replacing the characters with my mom & me; I imagined how mom has delivered me!

First thing I did when I woke up is telling mom how happy am I for her good health and Congratulations for her baby which is me!“Hamdolela 3ala salamtek, w mabrook ma ejake!” with a very nice flowers’ bouquet .

I shouldn’t celebrate me in this day; Instead I should celebrate mom, the one who got tired on that day, and who was the happiest one on earth to see me in her arms.

Happy birthday mom on my birthday, wish you all the best in this year :)


Rami said...

That is so sweet Rawan.
Happy birthday to you and to your mom :)

rare said...

thanks Rami :)