Saturday, June 06, 2009

Escaping from Ameba!

How it dares to be inside you!
How it dares to fight your body!
How it dares to cause you pain!
How it dares!

Was it because of my fingers?
Was it because of my shirt?

Was it because of the bath?
Was it because of your tinny thumb?

Oh my little girl, I'm really sorry, I'm sure it's my fault in a way or another!
Oh Mariam, I know it hurts!

Mariam has got an Ameba :( even babies can't escape from Ameba in Amman!

Inshalla you'll get well soon.


SUHAIR said...

awlan,alf mubarak qudoom mariam
thanian,salametha alf salameh

rare said...

Thanks a lot SUhier