Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Waiting You

Days are running so fast, and inshalla soon you'll be between my arms :)

Do you know something! I will miss you being inside, I’ll miss your kicks and other movements that I still wonder what were they!

Soon we'll be TWO, not ONE any more, soon we'll be separated once the physical connection is cut. But what I wish is not to cut our emotional one. I want to be more than a mom for you, I want to be your lover, your sister, your friend, and inshalla we'll enjoy our life together :)

Looking forward holding you.

with love,


Sam said...

aww so sweet...good luck to u...:) babies r the best, so cute cuddley and never fail at making all anger and sadness go away with their little smiles......until they grow up and turn into monsters that is....

rare said...

:) 10x ...
lets pray they wont turn to monsters ... :)