Friday, February 06, 2009

Feeling the First Kick!

Your first move was on 31/12/2008; my last working day!

I came home, without dropping any single tear in the office, saying good bye for all, and imagining I'll never be back as an employee this was really hard, but I did it, and I have held my breathe with my tears.

I reached home, and act normally as if nothing has happened; I don't wana think about t it! Then suddenly I started crying loudly, and I started losing my breathe away – actually from my first pregnancy day I used to have a loose in my breathe when acting with energy. I felt I was going to die, I have even said "el shahadaten" :)
Then Mhmdy calm me down, and I started to feel ok.

After all this, I have felt someone inside me kicking, as if telling me "Mammy, are you ok?", "Mammy I'm here". I've moved to cloud number 9, it was your first move my baby!

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