Monday, December 08, 2008

Soon ... Unemployed!

I haven't thought I will have the full courage to do it!
Anyway it’s done now!
I have quitted!
Yes I did!


This is what I wanted to do long time ago, I’ve got enough stress, tension, and exhaustion, beside feeling bored toward it.

I need time to organize my life, before having our new member in the family :)
I need to stop running! I need to act in somehow slow emotion.
I need to take care of my better half, my new home, and myself!
I wanna have more time for Allah, I want to go back for memorizing Quran.
I wanna start a new social morning life.

What I wish, is not to feel sorry or regretful about it .

Inshalla this will be on action at the beginning of next year.
1/1/2009 I will be officially unemployed! After 3 years and 9 month in service .

I will really miss that routine!

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