Saturday, November 03, 2007

Restart Waiting

I was waiting the day where Mhmdy’s – my better half - day off will be in my weekend!

Every month he has same week day as off, next month it is transferred to next week day;
on October his day off was every Tuesday, on November his day off was going to be every Wednesday! So soon he was going to have his off with my off! I have set my plans on our off, since I'm waiting this since summer!

I have to change all my plans! & Wait more!
His off was shifted to Sunday! & so he has to pass through all the week days to reach Friday!

Oh I have to restart waiting!
I have to wait for the spring to spring our souls!


Qwaider قويدر said...

May god help you. And him

Qabbani said...

hmm, wish u all luck :)

be3een Allah , zaman 3ank by the way

rare said...

10x Qwaider :)
10x Qabbani :)
yeah actually I've got no words to say, til this vacation issue appeared :) I couldn't hold it any more :)