Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Should Run

I've decided to run!
I've got no time!
Our house needs too many elementary things;
I’ve mentioned house instead of home, cos still I can't feel it like home, which is another story!
The problem about accomplishing is that Mhmdy - my fiancé- & I leave work late, & until we're back & rest a while! All shops will be closed!

So I decided to move alone quickly!
Since sometimes I finish earlier than him with two hours!

  • I've listed all the WANTED items! OMG it's too long!
  • I’ve prioritized them
  • On my Agenda, I’ve assigned everyday some items that could be done at once
  • Deadline of this mission is end of July!
  • Everyday I should tick executed tasks,
    executed task should equal assigned tasks!
Wedding day is too soon! I should RUN!


MQabbani said...


task's list :) hmm nice i see that you are the only resource avilable to finish all this tasks ,

wish u a great follow-up and tasks end as it should be :)

o mabrook

rare said...

10x mqabbani! Alla ybarek fek.
kind of, i'm the only available resource!!!