Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bulldozers Should Wake You Up!

I know its cold, & u r nodded off since ages! But I think its time to wake up! Or at least open your eyes & hear what’s happening around! I'm not asking for move! All I’m asking is to show your objection! At least by your heart; which is the feeblest faith!

Bulldozers started demolishing a bridge, two rooms, and a hill connecting the Buraq (wailing) Wall with Aqsa Mosque! “Aqsa” do you still remember it? The one located in Palestine, if you still remember it too!

Anyway! "ROBA DORATEN NAFEAA" who knows! This might stop bloodshed! & reinforce national unity!
Least thing to do! Let’s pray!


Maro said...

I believe no one will ever wake up untill it is too late if you know what i mean. God be upon us all...

rare said...

One man is awake :)

Got it, we'll wake up when its over!
But I'm sure will make it, we'll wake up on time, believeme, we are just waitin the RIGHT time!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Pfizer are still trying to invent that Viagra to wake up people's honor, dignity, conscious and pride...
So far they're having better luck with finding a cure for AIDS

th14 said...

they are awake just too busy fighting each other thats all.

el tapatio said...

if it were for the average Arab, Palestine would have been a prosperous country for a long time by now. but you know who is preventing that goal.

off topic
may I take one of the photos (expanding city and no rain). I would love to have the one with the sheep as a desktop background.

thanks in advance.

rare said...

Medicine to cure us is not enough! The disease might come back!
I think we want the coming generations to have a high immune for such diseases!!

Yeah, part of those whom are awake are busy in that stuff!

el tapatio:
I excatly know that! "nathareyet el mo2amara" :) !

as for off topic; u r welcome! u can take all the set :)

aya almusa said...

7sbona alla o n3m el wakeel 7ta 100 Bulldozers ma r7 tsa7e 7da!

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

I am a Canadian Muslim writer, my work is intended for a Muslim audience. Please come by when you have some time to read inshallah.

Wa salaama,
nuh ibn

rare said...

Aya: if we don't wakeup, that means we r dead! Our feelings are dead!

Welcome, & inshallla i'll pass by ...