Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Worst Case Scenario

When meetings are boring, full of talking, & time wasting.
Requirements are unambiguous, incomplete, & inconsistent.
Analysis is shortened, infeasible, & incorrect.
Specification document is not written, or unused, & out-of-date.
Assigned tasks are reassigned, & assigned for inappropriate person, or tasks are misestimated, unclear, & changeable.
TTLs (Technical Team Leaders) are busy with team members, releases, & planning.
PMs (Project Managers) are taken up by clients, meetings, & decisions.
Tools are complicated, numerous, & need web services to interact. Machines – computers – are used up, hanged, & broken down.
Coding is puzzling, taking so much time of nights & weekends, & has open issues.
Solution is buggy, with missing functions, & crashes.
Deadline is close, sharp, & fixed.
Still we can deliver the best! This is called adventure, challenge, & risk. With deep there success exists! That makes us alive, & adds taste to our lives!

The problem is I feel like pressing Esc (Escape) button, & quitting my job! I don’t know why I’m not enjoying the ride anymore! I wasn’t so ever! This is not the real ME!


Qwaider قويدر said...

Look, meetins need to have a purpose, moderator, structure, and agenda. If any of these is not there it would be the alphabet soup!
No Agenda, No Meeting. Pure and simple. Go one by one, and wrap up the meeting, write down the next action items and people can take the rest of the time to Socialize or whatever AFTER the meeting is done.

Only press the Esc button after you land a better Job :)

Qabbani said...

excuse me where do u work exactly ??

rare said...

You’re right; usually I cut any irrelevant subjects in those meetings.
Esc with a better job hmmmm, or click Home :)

r u facing the same problem ;)

maro said...

rare, I worked with you for quite sometime. I know the feeling but I know it is all about stress.
You feel like pressing ESC because you care so much yet you're pressured.
You're not a quitter and never was (I believe), so whenever you feel this way just talk to me or anyone.
PS: You're doing a great job so keep it going:)

Note to readers: she was my QA back in the days I was a developer:)

rare said...

Maro, do u think so! it's temporary!
I'll check it after a while & get back to u
10x for words