Wednesday, September 07, 2005


They always call me a kind-hearted! When I was in school, university, & NOW! They’ve advised me to be aware of those who try to fool me! But I used to insist on giving other chance for those who hurts me, & that such a people do not exist near me!

Yesterday I was accused that I was given amount of money to deliver it to my aunt! But I haven’t got any penny from her -who accused me! I don’t even know anything about the intending of that someone to send those money to my aunt so she’ll buy particular cloths!

I haven’t ever been in such a situation, I rechecked my wallet, my pocket just to rest my conscious mind, nothing was there, & nothing was in my mind about this story.
Money doesn’t mean anything to me I’m ready to pay that amount to her, but what means to me is my reputation, and my justness in this issue.

This morning I’ve called X to end the problem –since X is in another country. She was taking everything easy as if she doesn’t care to that amount of money; which mean two things: either she has noticed that she didn’t give me any and can’t confess, or there has been a misunderstanding & also can’t admit it.

I have now to tell the people who are involved in with the truth, incase she has told them an imaginary rumor. But I hate to defend myself while I haven’t done anything wrong!

* That someone = who accused me = she (in gray)


maro said...

Nayeal el mazloom 3ind rabo bareee2...

rare said...

Yeah ... & Allah dayman ma3 el 7aq